SEA CRUNCHY Seaweed Snacks with Teriyaki 10g x 12pcs


SEA CRUNCHY Seaweed Snacks with Teriyaki sauce is something you should definitely try if you are sushi rolls’ lover. Teriyaki sauce gives seaweed a bit sweet taste and deep rich taste of delicious asian cuisine. It is second popular flavour among SEA CRUNCHY family which has its’ own niche customers who know there is nothing they can replace crunchy algae with. Bon appétit

1 box has 12 retail packages inside (12pcs x 10g)

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Thanks to the unique technology of seaweeds snack production, SEA CRUNCHY consumers deal with a top-quality product. SEA CRUNCHY is free of trans-fats, cholesterol and preservatives. It ideally fits for both vegetarians and those who eat meat. SEA CRUNCHY products have also versatile applications in terms of cooking, for instance, leaves of already cooked seaweed can be crunched into a salad, soup or used for decoration of dishes to add a faint note of fineness to your favorite dish.

Savory and not less popular are the other two flavours: SEA CRUNCHY with wasabi and SEA CRUNCHY with teriyaki sauce. The flavours are most popular among thrill-seekers. The Japanese culture with its incomparable culinary art has played a considerable role in designing these particular flavours. The well-liked sushi are rarely made without such ingredients as wasabi root and numerous combinations of soybean sauces; naturally, we could not shy away from enduring love of such ingredients.

Crunchy seaweed chips are the best alternative to traditional potato chips. These are 100% vegan snacks which are low in calories. Lightly salted seaweed snacks loved both by kids and their parents.

Seaweed is an excellent source of minerals, high-quality proteins, enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants.
Low in calories | No trans-fat | No MSG | No preservatives | No Cholesterol | Vegan | Lightly salted with sea salt

How to eat: Terrific as a snack | Great with salad | Serve with soup | Enjoy with light beer | Great as a traditional Korean style side dish with steamed rice.

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