Seaweed Flakes (Topping crumbles) 40g x 10pcs


Crunchy seaweed flakes (topping crumbles) by Seaweed Market is the best companion on your kitchen. It suits well for many traditional dishes you eat daily (such as salads made with fresh vegetables or soups, rice & pasta dishes). Make unusual recipies by yourself by adding seaware to your grilled meals, BBQ or even pizza. By adding algae to the food you might significantly increase quality of nutrition value of even simpliest products & dishes.

SMALL TIP! Keep it in secret… You can snack flakes as well.. although it is not so convenient but so yummy and so good.. aww.. Well, for snacking better try our fantastic SNACKS

1 box has 10 retail packages inside (10pcs x 40g)

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Seaweed is an excellent source of minerals, high-quality proteins, enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants. Thereby this sea vegetable is a favourite among vegetarians. Previously our customers have seen just snacks made of seaweed but these days we are more than sure that crushed seaweed (seaweed flakes) is another step forward to diversify diets of millions people. Seaweed Market topping crumbles are so universal that might be used both for cooking and snacking.

Product made of algae is a great topping for salads and rice and pasta dishes. You can make even pizza or grilled meals (BBQ) with seaware flakes. Eating eggs in mornings was never so delicious before eating them with seaweed flakes. What’s you favourite recipe for our novelty product? Let us know if you found something interesting and want to share it with other plant based personalities.


  • Multifunctional product both for cooking and snacking
  • Balanced taste suits most dishes
  • Transforming display box for retailers (10pcs x 40g)
  • Multilingual European package for EU consumers
  • Attractive design both of 1st and 2nd layers of packaging

Additional information

Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions49 × 33.5 × 22 cm

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